Bioinformatics support

Experimental work in molecular biology often requires computational analyses at multiple stages of the scientific process. This includes, but is not limited to, homology search for the protein under study, reconstruction of gene, protein or species relationships, and biostatistical analyses. In addition, next-generation sequencing can be utilized for studying biological questions. Examples are transcriptome analysis for detecting genes differentially expressed under different conditions, genome analysis for studying gene content and gene sequence similarities of different species, and metagenome analysis for studying genomes of collections of organisms in a shared environment.

We offer support in bioinformatics for biologists in all stages of data analysis. This includes assistance in the experiment planning, search and installation of existing software suited for a particular analyses, and the solution of technical challenges during the analysis. In addition, we provide support for statistical analysis as well as for the programming of extensions and pipelines for specific project requirements. The level of support may be chosen from a continuum, depending on the requirements. It may be limited to discussing the appropriate analysis method or statistical test, or, on the other end, encompass a scientific collaboration that includes personalized analyses.

Specifically, we encourage Master and PhD students (and postdocs) that intend to incorporate bioinformatic analyses into their research, to participate in our courses (e.g., biol 258) and to use our support. There is also the possibility to use the Bioinformatics laboratory – a special computer room where many of the bioinformatics programs are already installed (more information coming soon). In addition, support for high-performance computing (cluster computing) is available from the Rechenzentrum.

Bioinformatics support hours

Tuesday 10 am, Location: ZMB, Am Botanischen Garten 11, 3. Floor

Please contact Dr. Anne Kupczok for an appointment and describe briefly your project and questions.